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Here are some programs/commands other users have added to NetFloor Live to help administor their network. Once these commands are added to NetFloor Live (on the menu, Tools->Add Applications),  you can easily run these commands. Select the devices on the workspace, right-click on the mouse, and the commands will pop-up. Select the commands to run on the devices.

Name: Computer Management Info
Command: cmd /c start %Systemroot%\System32\compmgmt.msc /computer:$nfN
Explanation: This command opens the Computer Management MMC using the device’s “Name” property value as the argument and connects to that remote computer.

Name: Send Message
Command: net send $nfN $nfW
Explanation: This command sends a message to a computer using the device’s “Name” property value as the argument. The $nfW variable brings up a window for you to type the message before it is send.

Name:  Browse remote computer C: drive
Command: explorer \\$nfN\c$
Explanation: Brings up Windows Explorer to browse the remote computer’s C:\ drive.

Name: VNC Viewer remote control
Command: <path to program>\vncviewer.exe $nfN
Explanation: Assuming  you have VNC Server installed on workstations. This will remote control a computer using vncviewer passing the device’s “Name” property value as the argument

Name: System Information
Command: "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\MSInfo\msinfo32.exe" /computer $nfN
Explanation: Remotely connects to the computer to display the System Information.