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1)      Can NetFloor Live! use jpg or other image formats as the background?
No, NetFloor Live! can only use bmp (bitmap) format for the background image.

2)      What is the different between "Live Stat (LS-Loop)" and "LS on selected object now"?
When "Live Stat (LS-Loop)" is enabled, it runs continuously. It checks from the 1st device to the last device, loops back to the 1st device and repeats again. This could be a concern if you have many devices (like a 1000) to check and you need to know a particular device's stat immediately. You will have to wait until "Live Stat" gets to it. This could be minutes. This is where "LS on selected object now" comes in handy. This function allows you to instruct "Live Stat" to check on the selected device(s) immediately. Once "Live Stat" is done, it will go back to check on those devices where it left off. Another benefit to "LS on selected object now" is you don't have to have "Live Stat (LS-Loop)" enabled to use "LS on selected object now." You can select this command to have "Live Stat" check on the selected devices' stat. After all the devices are checked, it stops. This is a also intended for multiple users. When one user have "Live Stat" enabled, other users cannot enable it. However, other users can use "LS on selected object now" to immediately check on the devices.

3)       How come on the menu, it is missing the "Applications" menu?
The Applications menu will appear when "external applications" are added to NetFloor Live and "On Menu" checkbox is checked.
To do so, on the menu select Tools->Add Applications. The External Applications window will pop-up. Click "Add" to add an entry. Enter in the application Name and Program. Check the "On Menu" box. This will add the application to the menu and the context-menu (right mouse click).