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What is NetFloor Live!?

NetFloor Live! is a network tool program that allows you to create a live "object-oriented" graphical view of your networked office. This graphical view is in the form of a floor plan layout of your office. On this live "object-oriented" view, you can interact with the objects (or devices). The objects/devices could be computers, printers, laptops, routers, switches, etc.

This easy to use program is to help Network Administrators and Helpdesk Supports to manage their network/desktop quicker and easier. It allows you to execute your scripts on multiple devices by selecting them.
For more information:
Read the About page or the User's Manual.


  • automatically check if devices are ON or OFF using the traditional ping command or other commands 
  • retrieve information about devices like who's logon to the device, NS lookup of the IP address, registry value, file, etc.
  • add external applications/scripts and run them in NetFloor Live! ( use devices' property values as arguments to the scripts)
  • auto discover new devices on the network
  • zoom in and out 
  • set Reminder and To Do on the devices
  • label and mark an area, like an Accounting Dept area
  • see the information in a detailed list view
  • auto export to a text file (e.g. tab or custom delimited)
  • search for text

To the right is a screen shot of a demo company's main floor space. From this you can tell what is going on in your envorinment.
  • immediately the location of all the devices
  • which device is on or off
  • who is logon
  • who uses laptops
  • where Accounting & IT Helpdesk Depts are located
  • the IT printer, it-wrkgrp-1, is off or losted connection
  • a reminder that phone x467 needs repair
  • there is a wireless router and it is On
  • Tom's printer is connected to jack 5a
  • pmitt shutdown the computer from the logon screen
  • gmiller shutdown the computer from within the user's acct
  • Payroll-2 computer is On but no one is logon. the last user that was logon was [knott]
  • knott logged on to 2 computers, Payroll-1 and Payroll-3
  • something is wrong because one switch is off

Demo Company's Main Floor Layout